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Hanover Parish, Jamaica

  Hanover Parish Jamaica

Hanover is a parish in the north-western section of the Jamaica.  It is located in the county of Cornwall,  bordered by St James to the east, Westmoreland to the south and the Caribbean Sea to the north.


The parish is administered by one parochial board, the Hanover Municipal Corporation.

Land Area:
450.8 sq km (174.1 sq mi)
Capital Town: Lucea


History of Hanover

Hanover was established in 1725 and was named for the reigning monarch on the British throne, George I, who was from the House of Hanover in Germany. Lucea has been known by many names and stretches along the western side of a horseshoe-shaped bay, which is considered to be one of the island’s safest ports. From the hills overlooking Lucea Harbour, one can observe an expansive panorama of the bay. Similarly, the view from the Dolphin Head Mountain provides an extensive vista of the other parishes in the western section of the island.

The parish sometimes does not get credit for its beauty and charm, and is often overshadowed by the nearby tourist destination of Montego Bay.

Popular Towns in Hanover

  • Green Island
  • Hopewell
  • Lucea - (The capital of Hanover)
  • Sandy Bay


List of places in Hanover Parish

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