What is it like to live in Jamaica?

What is it like to live in Jamaica?
InJamaica on February 04 2023 at 01:20 PM in Default Category
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Living in Jamaica is heaven on earth... an experience like no other place on earth. 
  • There are no poisonous reptiles and spiders.
  • There are dozens of tropical fruits that are not available elsewhere.
  • The beach is always a short distance away
  • Always clean fresh unpolluted air
  • Basic water supply is better than filtered bottled water in many developed country.
  • The best climate. No winter cold or summer heat wave.
However, like other countries Jamaica has a lower class, middle class and an upperclass. Lower class people live in what are known as ghettos and shanty towns where a lot of poverty exists. The middle class families can afford to eat out often, shop and live in a decent community. Then there are the upper class who resides in mansions. These mansions are similar to those in Miami, the upper class travel quite often for vacation and business etc as well as eat out and shop whenever.
Mark Smith on February 04 2023 at 01:32 PM Edited
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