Tremolesworth District, St Mary, Jamaica

Tremolesworth District is located in St Mary, Jamaica (Caribbean).

⭐ Points of interest:
0:00 Intro
0:24 Highgate
0:35 Highgate B2 Road
0:40 Harmony Hall
0:54 Tremolesworth Drive
0:57 Tremolesworth Community
1:00 To Harmony Hall
1:06 To Cum See
1:07 To White Hall
1:09 To Ballards Valley
1:10 To Port Maria
1:11 To Annotto Bay
2:42 Paradise Avenue
2:45 To Tremolesworth Cemetery
7:03 To Highgate to Windsor Castle Road
7:08 To Highgate Town
7:12 To Dean Pen
8:04 unnamed road
10:24 Broughtons River
14:04 Cherry Piece Road (also Cherry Field Road)
14:10 Tremolesworth Seventh-Day Adventist Church
15:12 Top Road
16:46 The Tremolesworth Emmanuel Faith Church Of God
17:31 Tremolesworth Road
17:34 To Nonsuch
17:40 To Unity (also Unity Estate)
17:43 To Ballards Valley
17:45 To Port Maria
17:48 To Kinrara (also Mosquito Hole)
17:55 To Dean Pen

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