Bob Marley Boulevard, Cooreville Gardens, Kingston 20, St Andrew, Jamaica

Bob Marley Boulevard is located in Cooreville Gardens, Kingston 20, St Andrew, Jamaica (Caribbean).

Notably, the streets of Cooreville Gardens are named after famous Jamaican artistes.

The community of Cooreville Gardens, located off Washington Boulevard, was named for David Coore, Jamaica's deputy prime minister and minister of finance in the 1970s.

Derrick Heaven, who was working with minister of housing Anthony Spaulding at the time, said the streets were named for artistes in recognition of their contribution in music and the theatre.

⭐ About Bob Marley:
Robert Nesta Marley, OM popularly Bob Marley, (born 6 February 1945 - died 11 May 1981)
at age 36, was a Jamaican singer, songwriter, and musician. He was considered one of the pioneers of reggae. Bob's distinctive vocal and songwriting styles increased the visibility of Jamaican music worldwide.

⭐ Points of Interest:
0:25 Washington Boulevard
1:30 Duhaney Drive
1:34 To Duhaney Park Community
1:40 Bob Marley Boulevard in
1:45 Cooreville Gardens
1:47 Miss Lou Close Intersection
2:04 Chosen Few Avenue Intersection
2:17 Maytals Crescent
2:44 Paragon Close
2:49 Don Drummond Link
2:52 Faith D'Aguilar Path
2:56 Cooreville Gardens Basic School
2:59 Ranny Close
3:12 Mystic Mews
3:26 Ken Boothe Close
4:01 Gaylads Circle
4:04 Gaylads Avenue
4:24 Sonny Bradshaw Avenue
4:35 4th Bob Marley Way
4:46 Wailers Avenue
4:51 3rd Bob Marley Way
5:08 Wailers Circle
5:14 2nd Bob Marley Way
5:26 Bob Marley Circle
5:28 1st Bob Marley Way
5:50 Wailers Avenue
6:11 Bob Marley Boulevard ends
11:21 To Six Miles
11:27 To Mandela Highway
11:29 To Spanish Town
11:31 To St Catherine Parish
11:34 To Spanish Town Road
11:40 To Downtown Kingston
11:49 To Molynes Road
11:54 To Eastwood Park
11:55 To Constant Spring
11:57 To Half Way Tree
11:58 To New Kingston

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