Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy by Spec

$ 10,500.00

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Oct 20, 2017
How Does the Special Order Service Work?

We specialize only in exclusive and hard to find items. Our principle is, if it is sold in Jamaica already, we don't sell it. Our business model brings the world of Cosmetics, Beauty and just about anything you need directly to your doorstep.

The product you're looking on now on this page is one that we sell but only by Special Order. This just means that you have to make full payment for the item via bank deposit before we order it from overseas because we are ordering exclusively for you, That's all that term "Special Order" means.


How Long Does it Take to get to Jamaica, Really?

Most Special Orders will arrive in 7-11 days. Each item varies in how long it will take to arrive. Some items can get shipped very quickly while some others may take a little longer. Once the item is shipped, we can track it any point and can give updates on it's progress.


How Will my Order be delivered to me?

Delivery methods will vary based on where on the island you are. Here are the main options.


Kingston and Corporate Area

Delivery by Bearer Bike Service - $350


Across the Entire Island

Delivery by Tara Couriers - $850 - Directly to Your Door

Delivery by Knutsford Express - $500 - Pickup at their Office


Why am I required to Pay in Full?

In recent times we have had to change the payment policy to full payment instead of part payment because of the following issues.


1. Customers would ask us to order an item then after its ordered, they would change their mind and refuse to pay the balance.


2. Customers would have the products arrive and not have the balance of payment to complete the transaction.


3. Part payments would require customers having to have to go to the bank twice to complete one transaction.


4. Full payments allow us to expedite the customs clearing process and have items sent off to customers the same day they arrive.


As you can see, full payments allows the process to work smoother and more efficient for everyone, both us and you the customer.

I hope this information was satisfactory to you. You can now return to Whatsapp or email or text so we can finish our discussion and move on to the next step.


Text / Whatsapp Now for further info


Leighton Brown

Managing Director

Hi5 Jamaica Services


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