FAQs In Jamaica

Aug 05, 2016
To upgrade your item to featured.

Step 1 - Login with your username/email and password.
Step 2 - Go to “My Account”.
Step 3 - Select “My Listings”.
Step 4 - To the right of your page, select Upgrade to Featured.
Step 5 - Select “Upgrade” and you will be taken to the payment area.
Step 6 - Once the transaction is completed your ad will be featured.

Things to know about featuring your ad:-

1.  Your advert will become" Featured" after payment is received, for a period of 60 days.
2.  Your advert must contain only one item (accessories related to the item you are selling are ok to include in that same advert)
3.  There will be no refund after payment is received.
4.  Once your item is sold or found or your paid period expires, your advert will be de-featured.
5.  You cannot substitute the item you are selling in the featured ad
6.  Payment applies to one advert only and is non-transferable to your other adverts.
7.  Your advert will continue to appear in the regular listing as usual during and after the paid period.
8.  Featured Ads are not available to commercial advertisers.
NOTE: You can feature as many items as you choose.
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